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When De La Rue, the world’s largest commercial banknote printer, wanted to recruit and train 18 new staff for a number of job roles in the North East of England, it turned to the expertise of Sora Group. In so doing, it changed a longstanding process of recruiting through its in-house team - a break with tradition that has brought it the exact high quality results it sought and demanded.
A De La Rue spokesperson

" The responsiveness and willingness to understand the various job roles and customise training to be specific to our needs was very impressive" De La Rue spokesperson
" I have been very satisfied with way Sora Group found and selected the candidates and supported them through the training process. Our new employees can now look forward to careers working for an employee dedicated to their future success" De La Rue spokesperson
" From our first meeting it was clear that Sora had a thorough understanding of what we needed and the expertise to meet that demand" De La Rue spokesperson
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