| Maintenance Improvement

Results focussed training and coaching of Engineering & Maintenance staff.

Sora Process

Our approach is built upon a foundation of first hand experience, and through 20 years of experience of working within a globally renowned environment.

We have four key strategic steps to improving the maintenance function:

If it breaks, fix it quicker

Don’t let it break again

Stop it from breaking in the first place

Have some resilience

  • We seek to understand your needs, current structure, function, and breakdown profiles
  • We support by coaching in the selection and use of the most appropriate tools and techniques to improve your breakdown rate

Typical Areas Of Support

Strategy Development

Helping you establish a focussed improvement plan, linked to company objectives

Root Cause

Helping you establish ways to reduce chronic (minor) and catastrophic (major) breakdowns

Planned Maintenance

Helping you develop a quantifiable PM process linked to BDR and Maintenance cost improvement

Recruitment and Staff Skill Assessment

Helping you establish an understanding of the technical skills present within your current and future workforce



"The use of Maintenance Self Assessment, and people engagement has helped provide a sustainable platform for our staff to focus on breakdown rate reduction."
Peter Gallone