| Policy Deployment

" A man who chases 2 rabbits will end up catching none"

Sora Process

While most organisations can determine “what” they want, few are able to clearly articulate “how” they can achieve it.

Policy Deployment, also known as Hoshino Kanri, is a very effective method of clearly identifying and cascading organisation objectives across functions, and deploying through the levels of the business.

This process helps align departments to work on common organisation goals, and helping establish a clear methodof monitoring, reviewing and (if necessary), adjusting focus.

We have successful experience of using this process across manufacturing, health, education, and process sectors.


Typical Areas Of Support

Annual Objectives Planning

Helping chair and facilitate, annual objectives planning sessions

One to One Coaching

Helping individuals develop department objectives and strategies to achieve company objectives

A3 Management

Helping organisations establish a process to allow simple, routine management of KPIs and action plans

"The team at Sora have provided a superb service supporting our senior team's work in developing the way we use Policy Deployment to set and manage our organisational objectives. Their work has been very valuable and appreciated by our executive team."
Professor John Macintyre, Pro Vice Chancellor, Sunderland University