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Efficiency and Service Improvement – Helping your organisation achieve its required efficiency and service levels.

Our thoughts

Through multiple business change and improvement approaches, we can help either plan, facilitate or deliver the required improvements to an organisation.

‘Lean’ consulting and ‘Service Improvement’ are crowded markets – we have extensively applied Lean tools and techniques for many years across a number of sectors, delivering significant sustained bottom line benefits to organisations.

Sora Group focuses on coaching and training experts, or ‘Change Agents’, who then lead an organisation’s journey of continuous improvement. We support with higher level diagnostic activities such as Value Stream Mapping, and can work with operational staff to standardise work areas or identify and eliminate waste. Through focussed Improvement Workshops, we can help embed the required level of Lean thinking to a business.

We help businesses to question why they need change and ensure that work is fully linked to overall objectives and its impact is measurable.

Typical Areas Of Support

Lean / Opex Awareness

Helping demystify the language, tools and techniques commonly used

Value Stream Mapping

Helping understand current and future state maps, to identify improvement areas

Root Cause Management

Helping individuals and teams understand the concept of root cause thinking, and solve recurring issues

Genba Kanri

Helping companies establish a solid operational base of Skill control, 5S, Standard Operations, and Visual Management

  • " I have worked closely with the Sora team, whilst delivering a Lean Manufacturing ethos - along with the relevant tools and techniques - into a large Food Manufacturing business. The team are highly personable and enthusiastic individuals, and brought a wealth of expertise to bring to the table. The team were able to connect with staff at all levels of the operation and open their minds to the benefits of Lean Manufacturing concepts and ideas. "
    MD, Food and Drink Sector
  • "The use of Maintenance Self Assessment, and people engagement has helped provide a sustainable platform for our staff to focus on breakdown rate reduction."
    Peter Gallone
  • "While we are used to facilitating training in-house, working with Sora to co-design and co-deliver a range of programs for operators, and lean leaders has been a very effective development and for the Gestamp Tallent Academy."
    David Pearson, Gestamp Training Manager
  • "The team at Sora have provided a superb service supporting our senior team's work in developing the way we use Policy Deployment to set and manage our organisational objectives. Their work has been very valuable and appreciated by our executive team."
    Professor John Macintyre, Pro Vice Chancellor, Sunderland University