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Online Portal Guide

Online Portal Guide

Below are some general tips on how to navigate our Online Portal.

Each Sora course is different but all will follow the same format which will include lessons, materials, quizzes, assignment and links to online resources.


Course Welcome Page

After you log into the portal using the Online Courses page, select the course you would like to enter.  You can only enter courses you have been enrolled in.

The course welcome page will look like the picture below.  It will be split into several areas including Modules, Lessons, Topics and Quizzes.

Select the Module / Lesson by clicking the relevant text or radio button to the left of the text.


Course Topics

Once you open a Lesson or Module you will see a selection of Topics, Quizzes or resources you can select.  Use the text or the radio button to the left of the text to navigate to that topic.

Course Materials

In the lesson there may be course materials accessible.  Theses are found in the “Materials” tab.  These can be documents, links to online resources, workbooks, presentations etc.

On screen materials

Also in the lessons there may be on screen materials that you can view directly in the page.  These will appear in a smaller window on your screen and have navigation buttons on the bottom of that window.

These materials will also have a link directly above them that you can use to download directly.  Do this by right clicking on the link and selecting “Save link/target as” and choose the location on your computer / phone/ table or device to save to.


Within some lessons your tutors may wish for you to upload your work that you have done on your own to the online portal.  In some lessons where this is necessary there are assignment upload boxes like in the example below;

Use the browse button to locate the file on your device to upload.  It will then appear in the “file selected” line and then select upload. Your tutor will be notified that this has been uploaded and will be able to see your uploaded assignment.



Some lessons have online quizzes to assess your understanding and knowledge of what you have been taught.  Quizzes contain questions followed by options of answers, these can be multiple choice, ranking questions, open ended question that you have to type the answer into, or they can be assignment based where you have to upload documents like in the process above in assignments.

Each quiz will have its own type of questions, some may may have time limits, and some may mark automatically and send you the results.

Once you have completed the question, select “Next” to move to the next question or “Complete” to complete the quiz.



Your profile shows what courses you are enrolled in and the progress for each course you have made online.  It also has results of the quizzes you have taken.


You can view your profile using the Profile link in the Courses Menu tab.